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Curved LED Track Lighting Fixtures

Straight track is the regular type of track lighting system that we often see at retail stores, grocery stores, hotels, museums and residences, however, it has been increasingly considered as an older-style and unattractive track due to its simple design and limited applications. In these years, curved track lighting moved into the commercial or residential spaces, this type of track has taken a variety of kinds of circles, ellipses, arches, twists, and other curved shapes. Curved track designs come with all the features of straight track, in addition to simple and flexible installations, with curved track lighting, you can make your ceiling with some artistic atmosphere.


It’s just like the straight track, curved LED track lighting is mounted on the ceiling surface, we call that as surface mounted track lighting, and for high ceiling and special shapes of ceiling, we can suspend it with wires from the ceiling, what we call as suspended track lighting. the lighting fixtures can be hung at an ideal height. To match the decorations in your spaces, this type of track lighting can bu be customized on your color and shape requests.


To meet different lighting circuit requirements, there are 2-wire3-wire and 4-wire available in our range of LED track rail. The regular lengths of track include 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m and 3.0m, the track also can be cut to your requirements. With multiple pieces with same or different lengths, you can use flexible connectors and to join them together to make the lighting placements you may require.


2-Wire Track Light Rail3-Wire LED Light Rail4-Wire LED Track Light Rail


With this curved track lighting system, there are a variety of track light fixtures for you options, and many powers are available in our range, such as 10w, 12w, 15w, 20w, 25w, 30w, 40w, and so on. Black and white are our regular colors, and other custom colors are also available to meet your request. Our track light features with different angles at 15°/24°/38°/60° to meet different purposes. Generally speaking, track light fixtures with narrow beam angles are applied to focus on some artworks, paintings, and something else you’d like to highlight, as for the track lights with wide beam angles, it can help produce a mild atmosphere. Our track light heads come with high-quality LED chips and premium aluminium housing to provide high efficiency and lifespan, and this is the reason why our products can ensure you to low down your cost on lighting applications. 


10W 20W 30W LED Track Lighting Heads | Customized Curved LED Track Lighting Fixtures12W 20W 30W LED Track Light Fixtures | Customized Curved LED Track Lighting Fixtures30W 40W White And Black Modern LED Track Lighting Fixtures | Customized Curved LED Track Lighting Fixtures


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For public or commercial lighting applications, curved track lighting not only looks stunning to draw the eyes of guests upward your ceiling, but also provides a special feature in terms of your space’s overall lighting design. You need to think about where you exactly want your guests to look at, for example, you want to attract them to notice some terrific art pieces, and guide them to a special space, these aspects would be essentially taken into your consideration.


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