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95-260V 25mm Smart Track Lighting System

95-260V 25mm Smart Track Lighting System

95-260V 25mm Smart Track Lighting System

Controlling Devices

Controlling Devices

  • Indoor devices with a range up to 150M.
  • On/Off and CCT/Brightness Adjusting.
  • White & black colors are optional.
  • Presetting and switching the light scenario.
  • Double gayway device for mobile APP and AI speech control.
  • Remote controller have 12 groups of preset modes.



These wireless lighting switches and devices are compatible with 25mm & 35mm Magnetic Track Lighting System. The 86 type switch is a wireless and gateway free device, which is not only for turning on / off the lighting fixtures but also for adjusting CCT and brightness, in addition. A scenario switch is optional for switching the fixture to the satisfactory CCT & brightness that you preset. All the magnetic track lighting fixtures designed by SAMPO feature advanced smart technology, you can choose the dual-channel gateway device to control them from your mobile phone APP anywhere and anytime. 


Model No.: XYZ25-86S

Size: 86 * 86mm


Model No.: XYZ25-86S

Size: 86 * 86mm


Model No.: XYZ25-12C

Size: 143 * 42 * 13mm


Model No.: XYZ25-DG

Size: 60 * 60 * 15mm



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