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What Is The Difference Between Magnetic Track Lights And Track Light?

Views: 1244    Posted Date: September 13,2023

The difference between magnetic LED track lamp and track light

Voltage: In fact, magnetic light is also a type of track light. The main difference between the two is

that the magnetic track is generally low voltage, and the fixation of the magnetic lamp to the track

is based on the principle of magnetic attraction, which is similar to a magnet. Therefore, the width

of the card slot can be saved.

Linear LED track lamp

There are many types of track lights, and the most common ones are cylindrical. However, linear

track spotlights bring another possibility to the track. It breaks people's perception that traditional

track lights can only focus on illumination.

The strip light has a wide light emitting surface and a large light range, making it suitable for basic

lighting in space to create ambient light. The anti-glare design of the light emitting surface of the

light fixture makes the light source soft and not dazzling.

The straight design gives people the illusion of spatial extension, and the line's penetrability

endows the space with depth and transparency.

In addition to the above advantages, the linear track spotlight has the advantages of a spotlight

that can adjust the illumination area. It can be adjusted horizontally 360° and vertically 180°,

making the illumination area flexible. It also has the advantages of track lights, easy to match, can

be used in combination with circular track lights, to meet various lighting needs in the space.

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