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The Mystery Of Lighting Layout In Large Shopping Malls

The secret of lighting layout in large shopping malls?
Large shopping mall
With the development of the market, shopping malls are no longer limited to logo design, shopping, and dining. Its commercial form is developing into a community space that enriches life and provides diverse cultural and entertainment activities.
1. The entrance to the shopping mall
As the first area to display the interior space, entrance lighting should create an eye-catching effect and stimulate customers' consumption awareness. Usually through the building facade light environment, it has considerable visual recognition from the surrounding environment:

2. LOGO signs during shopping
The LOGO sign and the light transmission in the glass curtain wall of the shopping mall are the main visual elements. The soft light conveys a message: this is a comfortable large shopping mall, come in and take a stroll!
3. Elevator lobby in shopping mall
As the internal entrance within sight of the shopping mall, the lighting environment is bright and the color temperature is warm. The lighting technique is quite interesting: the light strips in the light trough provide indirect lighting.
The spotlights arranged along with the special-shaped ceiling structure illuminate the ground irregularly, and the halo is uniform and natural. It not only meets the functional lighting of the elevator area, but also creates a leisurely environment and appeases consumers waiting for the elevator.

4. The atrium of the shopping mall
The atrium is a concentrated area for the circulation of the shopping mall. The spatial visual design should not be straightforward, but should show a sense of layering and design that is in line with the positioning of the shopping mall.
The atrium skylight introduces natural light and provides the main lighting of the atrium during the day, which is energy saving and emission reduction, and is also in line with the "human-oriented lighting" currently advocated. The curved ceiling spotlights provide accent lighting for art installations, and the light spots cover the green plant installations. They act as a visual guide in the mall, breaking the monotonous pattern of the space, enriching the sense of layering in the mall space, and satisfying the behavioral characteristics of consumers looking for visual focus when browsing.

5. Aisles in shopping malls
The role of walkway lighting is not limited to functional lighting, but also serves the purpose of guiding movement lines. The key points of lighting design are: first, moving line guidance, and second, uniform illumination and high level of visual comfort. Downlights are used in the passage to provide a bright and stable light environment, and straight linear arrangements provide navigation guidance.
The light distribution in the moving area of the shopping center should be uniform and the brightness ratio should be balanced.

6. Public areas of shopping malls
The key point of lighting in public areas is to give customers an atmosphere where they are willing to stay. Therefore, the overall environment requires evenly distributed and stable light, and soft and relaxing colors are preferred.
Decorative lighting and accent lighting are used to increase the layering of the space and enhance the aesthetics of the space to comply with the positioning of the shopping mall.
The most commonly used type of lamps in commercial building lighting such as shopping malls is downlights. If downlights are not selected properly, the overall shopping environment can easily become a mediocre convenience supermarket. Professional lighting design requires professional lamps to achieve spatial effects.

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