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E27 (PAR30/PAR20) Track Lights And Fittings

E27 (PAR30/PAR20) Track Lights And Fittings

E27 (PAR30/PAR20) Track Lights And Fittings

YZ5107 PAR30 Track Light

YZ5107 PAR30 Track Light

  • Flat back cylinder track light fixtures.
  • LED light bulb types are E27 PAR30.
  • The surface is finished with powder coating.
  • Perfect light housing for improving heat dispersion.
  • Stamping iron and die-cast alum are optional.
  • White & black as standard colors, custom colors are available.
  • Adjustable 350° vertical and 350° rotational light direction.
  • Track adaptor has high performance at the power supply.
  • Compatible with two-wire or three-wire track systems.


YZ5107 PAR30 Flat Back Cylinder Track Light Fixtures


YZ5107 PAR30 flat back cylinder track light fixtures are economical for commercial and residential lighting solutions. It's compatible with various types of track adaptor and surface mounted base. It's compatible with the PAR30 LED bulb for lamping options. The adjustable light head provides flexibility in aiming light direction. Perfect design for easy installation and maintenance. Suitable for home, store, office, gallery, and other commercial or residential applications.


Dimension | YZ5107 PAR30 Flat Back Cylinder Track Light Fixtures



Motel No YZ5107
Brand Sampo
LED Bulb Compatible With PAR30
Housing Material Stamping Steel or
Die-cast aluminum
Surface Finished Powder coating
Color Options White, Black, Customized Colors
Certificated CE, RoHS
Application Residential or Commercial Lighting
Packing Carton
Surface Finish Powder Coating


Surface Finish | YZ5107 PAR30 Flat Back Cylinder Track Light Fixtures

The surface of the flat back cylinder track light was finished with powder coating and has white & black as standard colors, which comes with a stunning design.


Housing | YZ5107 PAR30 Flat Back Cylinder Track Light FixturesThe housing of the PAR30 track light fixtures is made of stamped steel or die-cast aluminum-alloy, which is durable and has good performance at thermal conductivity.


Compatible Adaptors | YZ5107 PAR30 Flat Back Cylinder Track Light Fixtures

Sampo Lighting is a professional manufacturer for PAR30 flat back cylinder track light fixtures, in addition to the light housing, we also have our own production line to make power adaptors to mount the lighting fixtures for power track mounting and ceiling surface mounting.


Competible Bulbs | YZ5107 PAR30 Flat Back Cylinder Track Light Fixtures

The PAR30 track light fixtures are compatible with PAR30 LED bulbs, It is flexible, affordable, and easy to install and replace.


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