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Complete guide to 48V magnetic track lighting system

Views: 2562    Posted Date: July 26,2022

Complete guide to 48V low voltage magnetic track lighting system


 With the popularity of minimalist design style,more and more lighting and interior designers start to choose magnetic track lights and linear lighting fixtures. It creates the vertical and horizontal styles on the wall and ceiling to meet with many creative DIY lighting ideas.

magnetic track lighting system can meet different decoration requirements for different spaces. Besides satisfying basic lighting functions,magnetic track lights are the flexible track lighting which can be easily plug,unplug and slide within the magnetic track. This offers a great freedom of lighting arrangement and styling.  The magnetic lighting system which combines all linear led lights emerges and there is a trend to replace the conventional led track lighting and the conventional linear lamp in the future.

Magnetic track lighting system is also fit for all types of rooms and event. The slim design of tracks can perfectly fits any space in your home. Some designers prefer magnetic track lighting because it can highlight and focus with a cleaner and neater look to the overall interior design.

Overall, magnetic track lighting can be the perfect lighting solution for your home. When people are still using the traditional fixture, you can be the one to receive all the benefits from our magnetic track lights


What is 48V magnetic track lighting system?

It is a low voltage magnetic led lighting system for indoor lighting. It consists of an assembly that can hold various light sources while using magnet.

Under the condition of a reliable power connection, it is more convenient to install and dismantle the lights. It is also convenient for daily maintenance and repair, and the power connection is stable and reliable.


It can be flexibly matched with different types and quantities of track lights according to various requirements. If the power of the transformer allowed. The magnet track can support different led lights, so it can be used in a wider range of applications. It can slide to any position easily without any other tools.

The magnetic track lighting system, especially the smart dimmable magnetic track lights are the most popular for home lighting right now.


The part of magnetic track lighting system


There are mainly four parts for the magnetic track lighting system:track rail and light fixture, track connectors,drivers and dimming parts.

1.magnetic track rail.

Magnetic track rail is made of high-quality aluminum profiles and is the foundation and key part of the entire system. All the magnetic led light fixtures can be installed onto it and move freely. The track rail has the invisible conductive copper strip on both sides inside the track. There are mainly three kind of installation method for the track rail: surface mounted ,suspension and recessed installation and recessed track is the most popular in market.


How to install the magnetic track rails?

(1)surface mounted installation and Suspension installation.

These two installations are easy, just using a screw to fix the magnetic track without opening any hole in the ceiling.

(2)Recessed installation.

You should check first the ceiling or wall is plasterboard and make sure that there is enough space to insert the track. Then follow these four steps to finish the installation.

Step 1: Cut 30-35mm hole in the ceiling.

Step 2: Put the track into the hole slot and fix the track with screws.

Step 3: Cover the track with a gypsum board to block the wing edge of the track and fix it with screws.

Step 4: Plaster the plaster board at last.


  1. Magnetic track lights


Different light fixture are available for the 48V magnetic track lighting system:magnetic flood lights, magnetic linear lights,magnetic track spot lights, magnetic pendent light,magnetic adjustable grille light,etc. All the magnetic track lights are designed with the magnetic adapter and can be fixed into the track rail both mechanical and electrically

How to install the magnetic track lights onto the track?

It is easy to put led lighting fixture into the track rails after the track is installed well on the ceiling or wall.

There is magnet at the bottom of the adapter which suck the lights on the iron bar in the track. The adapter also has two metal tabs at both sidebody to connect to the conductive copper strip inside the magnetic track. There are two red lock buttons on both end of the adapter to secure the luminaire will not fall out of the track.

  1. Track connectors and accessories

Connectors are used to connect track rails into different shape of design.There are 4 kinds of connectors;

(1)I connctors: used to connect two track.

(2)L connectors:used to connect in the corner.

(3)power feeder:

  1. Drivers .

There are two kinds of drivers.

One is built-in driver which can be installed in the magnetic track rail. 100W and 200W power are available, especially fit for suspension or surface mounted track installation.

The other is External driver mainly fit for recessed installation track system. Brand Meanwell power supply 100W200W350W available.


5. Dimming parts

There are 2.4GBluetoothZigbee version of dimming parts which can be controlled on  smart Tuya app.

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